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Who we are

Past and Present Flourishing Families Clinic team
Past and Present Flourishing Families Clinic team

Prof Sam Cartwright-Hatton

Sam is director of the Flourishing Families Clinic. She is a Clinical Child Psychologist.

She began her career with a D.Phil (PhD) in the Department of Psychiatry at Oxford, under the supervision of Adrian Wells. The subject of this thesis was a MetaCognitive model of Generalised Anxiety Disorder in Adults.

During subsequent clinical psychology training in Manchester, She developed an interest in the far less well-researched area of anxiety in childhood. On qualifying, she joined the Manchester clinical course as academic tutor, while working part--time as a clinical psychologist in the Manchester Children’s Trust.

Eighteen months after qualification, she was awarded a 3-year NHS executive fellowship to develop her research into anxiety in childhood, with Professor Richard Harrington. This was followed by a 4-year MRC Clinician Scientist Fellowship to trial a new intervention for families of young anxious children.

She joined the University of Sussex and Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust in 2011 with an NIHR Career Development Award to develop and test a preventative intervention aimed at families with an anxious parent.

She was awarded the British Psychological Society Award May Davidson Award in 2009 for her research into anxiety of childhood.

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Natalia Fagbemi

Natalia Fagbemi is the clinic assistant within the Flourishing Families Clinic.

Natalia completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Sussex in 2016, and went on to work within Adult mental health assessment and treatment services. She aspires to be a clinical psychologist, and is passionate about the application of research within practice and increasing patient choice. Natalia has been with the Flourishing Families Clinic since 2018. 

Abby Dunn

Abby Dunn is a doctoral researcher.

Abby is an ESRC-funded doctoral researcher at the University of Sussex supervised by Sam Cartwright-Hatton and Helen Startup. Her PhD is focused on the support offered to parents who are mental health service users, in particular parents with complex presentations.

Julia Fountain 

Julia is our Lived Experience and Advisory Panel consultant, ensuring that those who experience mental health difficulties can shape services. 

Julia co-ordinates our Lived Experience Advisory Panel.  Alongside being a parent and a carer for her mother and her daughter, Julia works for Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust in the Research Department’s Involvement Team. Julia is passionate about people living with mental health issues themselves having a real impact on research.


Strategy Group

In addition to the people listed on this page, we have a strategy group, which guides our work.

  • Dr Rick Fraser, Chief Medical Officer and Consultant Psychiatrist, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
  • Professor Alison Pike, Professor of Child and Family Psychology,  University of Sussex
  • Dr Nicky Gilbert, Senior Clinical Psychologist, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust 
  • Anna-Marie Jones, Statistician and Research and Development Improvement Manager
  • Mary John, Consultant Clinical Child Psychologist and Program Director PsychD Clinical Psychology at the University of Surrey
  • Ann-Marie Skarstam, Consultant Adult and Child Psychiatrist, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust 
  • Marianne Burrowes, Lead Psychological Well-being Practitioner in Brighton & Hove Well-being Service
  • Tracey Holder, Parenting and Early Years Manager, Brighton & Hove City Council
  • Dr Claire Rosten, Senior Research Fellow, School of Health Sciences, The University of Brighton
  • Ms Rebecca Watts, Co-Director Of Practice Learning, University of Sussex 
  • Dr Kathryn Lester, Lecturer in Psychology, University of Sussex 
  • Dr Alexia Papamichail, Clinical Research Co-coordinator, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust 
  • Charmaine Kohn-Willbridge, Clinical Research Co-Coordinator, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust