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Professionals training videos

Training Videos

Session 1

Dragon in the mountains
Why avoidance is so important in anxiety. This little story is a useful reminder of the value of facing our fears.

Getting Over a Phobia
How you can help parents help their child to overcome their fears, using small, manageable steps.

Latent inhibition: using friends and family to ‘inoculate’ children against their parents fears.

Fight or Flight
The evolutionary origins of anxiety. Explaining the fight-flight response.

Emotion Coaching 1
Emotion coaching is a useful technique to help children manage and make sense of their emotions.

Anxiety and Coping
These roleplays are a helpful illustration of the things we can accidentally teach our children through our behaviour.

Key Messages from Session 1
A quick summary of the key messages from session one.

Session 2

Here we discuss the different ways in which parents can use rewards to get more of the behaviour they want in their child.

Star Charts
Here we discuss our ‘Crimes Against Star Charts’ and show how you can get more of the behaviour you want in your child.

Every parent has parenting hotspots; how can you help parents to rub the corners off theirs?

Here we discuss how parents can identify when they’re being overprotective and how to rub the corners off of this.

Pros and Cons Analysis
When it comes to thinking about overprotection, it’s important to hear parents’ hopes and fears. This exercise allows you to acknowledge parental fears about reducing overprotection, while confronting some of its downsides.

Emotion Coaching 2
In this second video about emotion coaching, we look at using this technique to tackle challenging behaviour. 

Key Messages from Session 2
A quick summary of the key messages from session two.

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