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Our mission

Our mission

The Flourishing Families Clinic is a totally new innovation in the NHS. It is being piloted by Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

We know that many parents who have mental health difficulties really worry about the impact of their symptoms on their children. The good news is that most children who have a parent with a mental health problem will be fine! But, for some children, the chance of developing symptoms of their own is increased.

However, we know that if parents can carry on being a good parent (you don’t have to be brilliant!) when they are feeling bad themselves, then this really helps their children. The problem is, it’s hard to be the parent that you want to be, when you’re struggling with your mental health.

At present, the NHS does not give those receiving mental health treatment any support in their parenting role. But some research by our team shows that giving parents a bit of help and advice about managing their children can really help those children to grow up happy and confident.

Ultimately at the Flourishing Families Clinic, we want to see all parents supported to be the best parent they can be.